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Online muscle rehabilitation therapy is the correction your body needs. Everyday we use our bodies unevenly: When we use the CPU mouse with our right hand or carry a purse on one shoulder all the time and a lot more. Over time the unequal use of muscle makes your body unbalanced, causing alignment shifts, muscle irritation and in extreme cases nerve compression.  With online therapy, we work to correct these imbalances to stop pain and irritation. The results are amazing and since we are fixing the issue at its source, they are lasting. ake control of your health and your life with online muscular rehabilitation training.

The online process is easy and allows you to work on your recovery around your busy schedule. With a structured program and video demonstrations all accessible by phone, you can work towards being pain-free anywhere. 

Quality Of Life Therapy's mission is to coach others to a life where they feel better. Whether it's chronic pain or weight loss, customized online programs are available to guide you so that you get the most out every day.